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For more information, please visit or get to know us on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn . Level 3 Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Level 3, Level 3 Communications, Level (3) and the Level 3 Logo are either registered service marks or service marks of Level 3 Communications, LLC and/or one of its Affiliates in the United States and elsewhere. Any other service names, product names, company names or logos included herein are the trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. Level 3 services are provided by subsidiaries of Level 3 Communications, Inc. Forward-Looking Statement Some statements made in this press release are forward-looking in nature and are based on management's current expectations or beliefs. These forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of performance and are subject to a number of uncertainties and other factors, OHSAS 18001 many of which are outside Level 3's control, which could cause actual events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the statements. Important factors that could prevent Level 3 from achieving its stated goals include, but are not limited to, the company's ability to: increase revenue from its services to realize its targets for financial and operating performance; develop and maintain effective business support systems; manage system and network failures or disruptions; avert the breach of its network and computer system security measures; develop new services that meet customer demands and generate acceptable margins; manage the future expansion or adaptation of its network to remain competitive; defend intellectual property and proprietary rights; manage risks associated with continued uncertainty in the global economy; manage continued or accelerated decreases in market pricing for communications services; obtain capacity for its network from other providers and interconnect its network with other networks on favorable terms; successfully integrate future acquisitions; effectively manage political, legal, regulatory, foreign currency and other risks it is exposed to due to its substantial international operations; mitigate its exposure to contingent liabilities; and meet all of the terms and conditions of its debt obligations.

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properties turn off their lights for Earth Hour 2017, joining businesses and individuals around the world March 25 to raise awareness of climate change. More View photos Sands China team members get the chance to make their homes more energy efficient Benefits Of Quality Management Systems In Contemporary Organizations -- such as by recycling old light bulbs and switching those out for energy-efficient LED bulbs at a discounted price -- during the Energy Saving Roadshow held at Sands China properties back-of-house areas March 27-31. More On Saturday, March 25, the company participated in Earth Hour for the 9th consecutive year, turning off lights at all its properties. Beginning at 8:30 p.m., exterior lights and non-essential indoor lights were turned off for one hour at all Sands China properties-- Sands Macao; The Venetian Macao; The Plaza Macao featuring Four Seasons; Sands Cotai Central featuring St. Regis, Conrad, Sheraton, and Holiday Inn; and, for the first time since its grand opening last September, The Parisian Macao. The global Earth Hour initiative has a goal of raising awareness of climate change by encouraging eco-conscious individuals, communities, households and businesses to switch off their lights for one hour. Sands China then followed up this year's Earth Hour observance with a Climate Week event, engaging team members to take action on climate change (Twitter hashtags #ECO360 and #ChangeClimateChange). Held March 27-31 at employee back-of-house areas, Climate Week featured an Energy Saving Roadshow. It encouraged team members to save energy at home and further support the environmental goals of Earth Hour and Sands ECO360 degreesby changing out their homes' incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs for ultra energy-efficient LEDs. Team members were able to buy LED bulbs at the roadshow at a discounted price, and to bring in their old lightbulbs from home for recycling. Read More "Sands China always looks forward to supporting Earth Hour, and we are pleased to have added our own Climate Week event this year as well for our team members," said Mark McWhinnie, senior vice president of resort operations and development for Sands China Ltd. "Both of these initiatives raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability and are in line with the goals of our Sands ECO360 degreesglobal sustainability strategy." With Earth Hour and Climate Week, Sands China continues its long-held strategy of implementing green initiatives at its properties.

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